This is an outline of the speakers we currently have and we thought it would be a good idea to give our members a list of what we presently have planned.   With a membership now just short of 300 members I am sure there are people with some very interesting life experiences that would be of interest to our group, from a career perspective, a travel experience or a personal experience.    Contact: Cate McMullen

MARCH 2022 Speaker.

Our speaker is Catherine Daw from the Collingwood Climate Action Team

Talk Climate Together

One issue with far reaching impact, knows no borders, crosses every issue we face, and threatens humanity everywhere is climate change. There is no longer a dispute about whether it is real or not.Climate is severely underrepresented in our conversations and we don’t always know how to talk about it.

This presentation will cover:

- how to talk about climate with others – children, grandchildren, family, friends, strangers,

- discuss the social power of us who are older,    

- how you can start with simple, meaningful actions.

About Catherine Daw

Catherine is a retired business consultant who worked with leaders to implement large scale, complex business change.

Catherine’s personal mission is to help create a resilient and sustainable community. She is a co-founder of the 100 Women Who Care South Georgian Triangle, the Collingwood Climate Action Team, a committee member of the Sustainable Future Series with the Institute of South Georgian Bay and a member of 4 Seasons Probus.