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Zoom March Team-Trivia Happy Hour


The ZOOM Pandemic Finale of Happy Hour Trivia on March 10 was a real nail biter. Hats off to the winning team, The Leprechauns who eked out win over the Lucky Charms 40 to 39. Bragging Rights go to team members Jill Morrison, Jane Earthy, Colleen Robinson, and Cate McMullen. And Kudos, go to Lucky Charms players Joanne and Martin Ruthven, Linda Murphy, Gord Llewellen, Norina Goegan and Joan Vanderkooy for their hard fight.


Thanks to all who have participated during lockdowns over the past year, and special thanks to our Scorekeeper, Dianne Gerstmann and Zoom Coordinator Diane Fitzgerald!! You two are awesome.




Congratulations go to Bruce Clark (what? again?) and Donna McLean our top bowlers and honorary wearers of the coveted Turkey Hat!  Who will be next to wear the Turkey Hat in March?






This was a fun event honouring International Women’s Day. Feedback from participants:

“I haven't  laughed so hard like that in years! My cheek muscles are still sore. Let's do it again in 2023.”

“Laughter and connection (in person, no less!!!) with other women.  Some of the best medicine life has to offer!”


“My jaw hurt and my throat is sore this am from laughing and screaming!!”  

“Absolutely hilarious and would do it again next year in a heart beat.”


It looks like this special event will go on the Social Committee’s List for next year!  Thanks to all those who braved the wintery weather that night.


Bowling Thursday March 17th, 1:45 pm - 3:30 pm

Guess what special day this bowling event falls on? Hint; green. If you haven’t already registered, you can do so here.

Cost: $20 per person includes taxes and shoes

Cutoff: Monday March 14

Signup here:  March 17 Bowling



Once again we’ll try to meet over refreshments at a local watering hole. If you are interested, and have not yet signed up, complete the signup sheet and we will give you the details. We are limiting the numbers to the first 40. 

Signup Here. March 23 Happy Hour




● Honda Plant Tour

● Bruce Power Tour

● Grey Roots Heritage Museum Tour Owen Sound

● Walters Falls Brunch  

● Harrison Park Picnic and Hike Owen Sound

● Base Borden Tour

● E. Carr Observatory 

● Quayle Brewery 

● Georgian Bay Day Trips

● Harvest Moon Farm 

● Kolapore Trout Farm 

● Outings to Theatre or Sports Events either local or in Toronto 

● Collingwood Brewery


● South Bay Fields Lavender Farm visit

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